Tata Memorial Hospital - The User Guide

Aim:The aim of this document is to produce a guide for the cancer patient and their relatives who are willing to get treatment or taking the treatment from Tata Memorial Hospital.

Scope: This document is strictly related to Cancer disease, and documentation will be limited to Tata Memorial Hospital. No other person / organization / disease or any other entity is relevant to this document.

Disclaimer: This document is strictly created to help out Cancer patients and their relatives. There is no commercial benefit to anybody and we are not creating it for getting benefits out of it. Moreover, No person / any member of Tata Memorial Hospital / the organization - Tata Memorial Hospital is directly involved in this activity. This document is purely created by documenting experience of patients who are getting treatment from the Tata Memorial Hospital. Being this as a volunteering activity anybody can be contribute to this document by becoming member of the group.

Dear all, I believe we are battling with Cancer either being a patient / a relative / a friend / a volunteer. Scenario changes person to person. This is war against the inevitable and we are trying to help out our dear ones to fight against it on our level. When we are contributing at our level, how we could forget the immense contribution by each individual of Tata Memorial Hospital. They are the spirit and we need to follow them and their spirit. As they are helping us out to fight our own battles, I believe that it is my duty to help every possible member by introducing Tata Memorial Hospital and their process. So, we are creating this document to help cancer patients and their relatives to smooth their process while getting treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital.

I would say, this is just not merely a hospital, it is a temple. The temple, where every contributor contributes to their best to fight against the Cancer. Great staff, help desk, even security and medical facilities. Everyone there is quite aware of the process so getting help in this temple is not a big deal. But just documenting all the process and other things, we are trying to produce more help. So, its my sincere appeal to contribute to document all this and help us to improvement this